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Does everything I need come in the box?

Everything you need to make the LooFloo fully functional comes in the box, all you need to do is install it.

How effective is the LooFloo?

The LooFloo is 100% effective if installed correctly, with no need for aerosols or other ventilation.

When and how does the LooFloo turn on?

In most applications the LooFloo would be activated by the bathroom light switch or ceiling fan switch, however the LooFloo can also be activated by motion sensors, lifting the toilet seat etc.

Does the LooFloo meet Australian Standards?

Yes the LooFloo meets and exeeds Australian Standards and as the system runs on 12 Volt it is perfectly safe around water.

How noisy is the LooFloo

The LooFloo is nearly silent, however the noise level will vary depending on your cistern. Plastic cisterns being noisier than ceramic.

Can a LooFloo be fitted to Close Coupled or European Cisterns

Yes, the LooFloo simply utilises the secondary water inlet on the back of cisterns. Click here for more details

What is the life expectancy of the LooFloo fan?

The LooFloo fan is humidity protected and is rated for 90 000 hours of continuous work.

Is the LooFloo fan powerful enough for the job?

The LooFloo contains a high power fan capable of moving 52 CFM, where most other fans of the same size only expel 18 CFM. Another contributing factor to the LooFloo efficiency is that LooFloo does not need to move as much air as a conventional ceiling exhaust fan, as it draws the odour directly from the toilet pan.

Do I need a tradesman to install the LooFloo

In most circumstances the home handyman will be able to install the LooFloo as it is low voltage (plug and play), however, some situations may need the expertise of an electrician (e.g. installation of a power point).

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